Southeast Electric Transportation Regional Initiative

The Southeast region is a leader in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing investment and job creation, however it is lagging the nation in EV sales and charging station deployment. To accelerate the growth of transportation electrification in the region, a coalition of businesses, manufacturers, non-profit organizations, and research institutions have signed SETRI’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in support of policies and actions in the Southeast that advance the EV market and associated infrastructure in the region.

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Guiding Principles

To advance transportation electrification throughout the Southeast, SETRI participants intend to work together to:

1. Promote regional EV market development;

2. Conduct education and outreach to consumers and decision-makers;

3. Coordinate state electrification efforts and university research; and

4. Collaborate with transportation electrification efforts outside the Southeast.

This work will result in continued job growth as manufacturing facilities are developed across the region, improved energy security and resilience, improved air quality, new mobility options, and reduced energy burdens for low- and moderate-income populations.


Participants and Signatories

SETRI’s founding participants and signatories represent the breadth of the transportation electrification ecosystem with an established presence in the Southeast region. This coalition of market-leading businesses, utilities, advocates, and researchers embodies the expertise and experience needed to help state leaders navigate the technological transition from petroleum to electricity-powered mobility.

Southeast Portal for Electric Transportation Opportunities

This hub for events and opportunities related to electric vehicles (EVs) and transportation in the Southeast US is managed by Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability as part of the Southeast Electric Transportation Regional Initiative (SETRI).

The list is not exhaustive. Inclusion does not indicate endorsement, and we make no guarantees about items included. Descriptions may be edited for brevity. See the links for full details and eligibility.


SETRI is a voluntary, non-partisan, independent electric transportation market development collaboration of stakeholders that includes vehicle manufactures, charging station providers, supply chain companies, electric utilities, fleet managers, universities, Clean Cities coalitions, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

SETRI roundtable

Future of Electric Transportation, SE Policy Forum


In January 2020, Georgia Tech hosted a “Future of Electric Transportation: SE Policy Forum.” During that forum, a group of 30 participants with interests in the development of EV markets in the Southeast met to discuss possible modes of collaboration. That initial meeting resulted in the formation of SETRI, an informal coalition of stakeholders interested in advancing transportation electrification in the region.

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